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Fair Food


Fair food is food grown in a way that is environmentally friendly, healthy, and that provides for the economic wellbeing of everybody in the system, from start to finish. It’s food that’s affordable for everyone and farmers get what they deserve for their accomplishments. You can describe it as eating clean. 


Eating clean means eating organic food without any artificial ingredients. Examples would be certified pasture raised eggs or whole milk. Everyone is aware that organic food is healthier. But what makes everyone think that? It’s not a secret, organic food doesn’t contain any, or few pesticides. When you consume milk and meat that is organically produced, prepared and processed, you are guaranteed of products with higher quality vitamins and minerals.  


One farmer from India said,” I want to prove wrong all those who doubt the profitability of organic farming. With a bit of hard work and understanding of nature, any farmer can earn enough money to survive.” If a farmer has a better income, it means he or she has more money to buy food and more money to invest in growing more crops.  


Some say organic food is safer, possibly more nutritious, and often better tasting than non-organic food. They also say organic production is better for the environment and kinder to animals, which is true. But it’s not easy to convince other people to buy fair food. The appropriate reason not many people buy fair food is the price and the lower variety of products. 

To sum up everything…  

It’s not easy to support all the people who put all their energy into Fair food, but every little step, although our wallets may not like it, helps the farmers, the environment and ourselves.

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